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Marlene Hielema

Marlene's mission in life is to simplify photography and video technology, and teach you how to create better photos and web video. -- Marlene teaches several online courses: Point Shoot Wow, Photo Fundamentals, and shorter workshops on video lighting and other topics.

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About this course

Hopefully you've looked at the full length sales page.

If not check it out here:

In this course you will learn about optics, f-stops (aperture) and shutter speeds. Understanding these topics is the key to your photo creativity.

The course starts with a review of digital camera functions from the free lessons, just to make sure you have no lingering questions, and so that we all start on the same page. You will review file size, file quality, ISO, white balance and exposure basics.

The lessons include practical assignments so you will be able to put what you've learned into practice right way.

I've also included some bonus material on critiquing photography and how to re-size images.

Once you pay, you can start the course right away.

You get a lesson every few days and you'll have all the course content within 2 weeks.