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Erich Hunter Ph.D.

Dr. Erich Hunter teaches his pioneering approach to Pendulum Healing practitioners internationally. He is the author of three innovative books on Pendulum Healing and has taught over a thousand practitioners this energy healing method. Erich also designs high-vibration, custom healing pendulums.

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About this course

All the time I am asked how do I start pendulum healing. 

This mini course is the answer. 

No previous experience is required, and you do not need to have a healing pendulum to take the course. 

Please register for the course on Ruzuku and begin immediately.

Thank you for your interest in pendulum healing.

Erich Hunter Ph.D.

"After taking Erich Hunter's beginners class yesterday, I used the pendulum on my daughter to take the pain away in her back, knee and feet today. She went to just spasms in her back and no pain in her knee and the swelling went out of both  feet! It is a good thing my spirit guide is in spirit because we both would have hugged him to death!!! We both are so blown away with the results and feel so blessed to be able to put this new method of healing to work for us. Also while watching the last 2 videos her father came in complaining of both his knees hurting (old injuries) he seldom complains but does ask me for Aleve at times when it is bad. He is such a naysayer I took that for asking for healing so I used the pendulum to take away his pain while he was in the kitchen. A hour or so later I asked him if he still wanted the Aleve? He said no, It wasn't hurting any more and went to bed. He also received a lot of positive unconditional love and happy energy the rest of the evening and is not such a grumpy grouch today smile emoticon I sure am feeling blessed heart emoticon"- Patty O'Brien

"Dr. Hunter's passion to get this information out to the world combined with the scientific bent he presents on dowsing has been a reason I have taken all his courses to date. Anything is possible through dowsing. The concept is not restricted to finding solutions using yes, no answers only. Through his specific protocols we can, through heartfelt work, create miracles for those who are receptive to our help, as well as helping ourselves." -  Carol Wolf