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Abe Crystal

Co-founder of ruzuku & personal development nerd. Ph.D. in human-computer interaction & social learning (UNC-Chapel Hill).

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About this course

Are you a consultant, coach, author, speaker, blogger... or all of the above?

If you are, you already have subject matter expertise that you can turn into into an online course (or group coaching program) that allows you to...

  1. help more people,
  2. earn more money,
  3. and spend less time doing it.

Are you ready to learn how to ...

Create, Deliver, Promote, Teach, and Profit

... from your own online course?

In this free eCourse, we’ll show you how.

Pamela Slim, author of Escape from Cubicle Nation and creator of the Power Teaching program, says, “The best thing you can do to be a great businessperson is to be a great teacher.”

Why? Because if you help your audience learn, you’ll develop...

  1. Strong relationships
  2. Repeat sales
  3. A flood of referrals
  4. Lasting impact

That’s why we want to make you a better teacher—and help you create your first online course. 

(How can we afford to give this training away for free? It’s because we make the best online course creation and delivery platform on the planet. We’re confident if we can help more people start creating online courses, some will choose our platform).

What will you get out of this course?

In 5 Days To Your First Online Course, you'll find:

  • Why it's important to write your sales page BEFORE you create your course... and an exercise that helps you do just that

  • Step-by-step guidance from the learning experts at ruzuku, who've helped create and launch hundreds of successful eCourses.

  • Quick feedback from the ruzuku team to answer your questions and help you plan your course.

  • A powerful activity to help you understand your ideal student.

  • A toolkit of techniques for facilitating partner or group interaction in your course.

  • How to apply Agile development principles to your course development, so you can launch quickly.

  • Get access to real courses from leading authors and coaches, so you can see what professional courses look like.

  • Practical guidance on the tools and technologies you need to build your course.

How does this course work?

  • Access the first module of the online course INSTANTLY, as soon as you register
  • Receive access to a new module each day for the next four days
  • No specific time commitment required — complete the course on your own schedule
  • Ask questions anytime in the course discussion
  • The whole course is yours to keep, 100% free and as long as you need it — no deadlines or access constraints

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What will you learn?

There’s no fluff here! Each day, for 5 days, you'll unlock a new module that covers a core topic in online course design.

Day 1: Getting started with your course

Why writing the sales page for your course — before you create it — is so critical.

Day 2: Outlining your first course

Why outlining is the critical tool to get going on your course.

Day 3: Content is king

From text to video: the many kinds of content you can include in an online course, with guidance and examples for each type.

Day 4: Catalyzing your community of learners

How to engage your learning community through online discussions and live webinars.

Day 5: Sharing your work with the world

How to get momentum and launch your course faster than you thought you could.


Get your questions answered... 

You'll have access to a private forum where you can share ideas, ask questions and request feedback about your classes with your peers and the online learning experts at Ruzuku.


What do great teachers do? 

According to Pamela Slim’s research, effective teachers...

  1. Know how people learn. They design their content to enhance learning.
  2. Use a variety of teaching methods. They mix auditory, visual and kinesthetic activities to help participants develop & maintain knowledge.
  3. Do not drone on and on. They know how to mix lecture and activity for maximum learning and engagement.
  4. Are passionate about their subject matter. They inspire their students, and create lifelong fans and advocates.
  5. Deliver. They do not care about making a quick, empty buck, they care about delivering lasting value to their customers.


Why us?

Teaching is in our DNA. Helping people teach online is what we do every day.

Before starting Ruzuku, Abe and Rick created workshops on web and user experience design. All modesty aside (this is a sales letter after all!), we were great at what we did and got fantastic reviews from both corporate clients and individual participants.

Online, we’ve helped some of the most creative teachers and coaches build their online courses. Check out Jen Louden, Jenny Blake, Patti Digh, Caroline Miller... we’ve worked with them all.

Teaching you how to teach is part of our core mission. We’re thrilled to have the opportunity to share some of what we’ve learned with you.

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What are people saying about 5 Days To Your First Online Course?

Here are some direct quotes from people who've taken the course in the last few weeks:

Very inspiring! Thank you! I learned that this online course "thing" can be done (by me).

 The exercises in the first couple days are so helpful...The information is incredibly helpful and focused each day. Bravo!

 I can't see how it could get much better.

 It was all really helpful!

 The most valuable thing in the course was the step by step structure, and detailed info and prompts to help me understand how it is all laid out.

 The course was presented in a simple, easy to understand manner.


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Who do we help?

We’ve helped thousands of coaches, authors, speakers...

... teaching everything from online marketing, to dealing with stress, to setting goals and starting a new career …

Read more about the inspiring teachers who love Ruzuku, here ⤑

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