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Servant Keeper Trainer

Mike Osborne was a high school history teacher for 12 years before coming to Servant PC. He has been the trainer at Servant PC Resources for over 10 years. He has trained thousands of people on how to use the Servant Keeper software. Helping churches leverage Servant Keeper and the technology they have available at their fingertips is one of his passions.

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About this Course

If you manage the finances and contribution tracking for your ministry, then this training will help you learn basics of the Contribution Manager.  In this training you will learn about the System Preferences that can be used to aid you in streamlining the contribution entry process, how to set up new accounts, enter and post contributions, how to link Servant Keeper to your accounting program, basic statements generating and much more!  This is perfect for everyone from new users just getting started with the program to those wanting to know some new ways to utilize Servant Keeper for contribution tracking.