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David and Jonathan Bennett

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About this course

Proven Body Language Hacks To Attract Your Dream Girl Right Now

In our 7 years of dating and relationship coaching, there is one factor which plays a huge role in helping guys become more attractive: changing your body language

And, the good news is you can change it quickly, easily, and see results immediately. Women will look at you longer, flirt with you more, and start to see you as less "friend material," and more as boyfriend material.

Since body language accounts for anywhere from 67% to 93% of communication, what are you communicating with your body language? 

In this fun and informative course,  we give you a "body language tune up." 

And, if you don't like the course for any reason, we'll refund your purchase within 90 days. Just give us feedback as to what need you had that the course  didn't meet so we can improve it! 

Each module contains an educational video (downloadable too!) and workbook with information, reflection exercises, and action steps to put things into practice.  

Module 1
In this module, you'll learn the rationale behind changing your body language, and the benefits of making the changes.

Module 2
Here you'll learn how to change your face to become more attractive, including the scientifically proven way to smile in an attractive way, vocal tone and speed, and the right way (and wrong way) to show emotion.

Module 3
"The eyes have it," at least for women. Women love eye contact, but most guys do it wrong, if they do it at all.  How long should you hold the gaze? How closely do you look? We provide all the answers and some easy "hacks" to make great eye contact without being nervous.

Module 4
Your neck, chest, and torso make up a large percentage of your body, and this area is also where guys express a lot of insecurity without knowing it.

Module 5
Your arms and hands signal confidence or submission. Many guys make a lot of mistakes with their hands, including a horrible first impression with their handshake. In this segment, you'll learn how to simply and properly shake hands (minus bogus "dominance" handshake games), and use your hands and arms in a way that attracts women.

Module 6
In this module, you'll learn how to stand in a way that shows both confidence - and openness to social interaction.  And, you'll learn all about "swagger," how to walk in a way that shows you are secure and "in charge" of any environment (without overdoing it and looking weird). 

Module 7
Your teacher was right: posture matters. She was thinking of your back health, but we're thinking of getting you a date. We cover "Posture 101" and give you a quick "posture hack" to improve it quickly. 

Module 8
This is where the course gets even more exciting, and we cover exciting research that shows changing your body language may change your bodily physiology, and physically change your brain to be more confident and attractive. 

Module 9
We wrap things up in this module, and give you a helpful acronym to recall the basic tips to change your body language, so you can remember what to do in any situation, even tight ones (like talking to your crush or approaching a girl you don't know). We also give you a handy business card you can print out.

Bonus #1
In this bonus, we give you 5 ways to tell if she is into you. It is so much easier to talk to a girl if you know she's attracted to you, but reading women is challenging. Look for these 5 tells and you'll go into any interaction with a woman with more certainty. Includes downloadable video and pdf copy of presentation

Bonus #2
Here, we expand upon a concept we covered in the course, which is knowing how you come across to others. Many guys are unaware of how they use their body, but also how others perceive them in general. If you have trouble getting dates, but think you come across as fun, exciting, and a great dresser, this module may make you think again. Includes downloadable mp3 and workbook.

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