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Laura Valenti

Photographer, curator, mentor, lover of light. I'm passionate about helping artists gain clarity and creative momentum - so they can make images they adore! Find me here:

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About this Course

Wouldn't it be nice to attend a gathering of fellow photographers, to talk deeply and openly about the creative process, to share images, get regular feedback, and come away empowered, invigorated, and ready for your next steps? This is it. Gathering Light is an online photography salon for dedicated, passionate creative spirits.  

It’s easy to become isolated as an artist, to work in a vacuum without opportunities to share and get perspective on your work. It's also easy to back-burner creative time and let everything else come first. Gathering Light is about opening up space for creativity and finding strength in a community of artists on a similar path. 

I created Gathering Light because I know how transformative it is when artists come together. Regular doses of insight and connection are brilliant creative catalysts.

Gathering Light is a "yes" space. It's a space where we celebrate creative risks, see mistakes as doorways for growth, and deeply honor our fellow artists' journeys. It's a safe space for wild ideas, playfulness, experimentation, and first forays. It's everything I wish I had when I was first making my way in the world as an artist. 

Art flourishes in an environment of openness and positivity.

Gathering Light is a beautiful motivating force - an invitation to take bold new steps with your photography. Begin that project you've been thinking about, bounce ideas off other creatives, get the insight you need to move forward. You'll see your vision evolve more quickly with regular inspiration and support. The company is good, the inspiration is flowing, and the conversation is about to begin. Pour yourself a cup of tea, pull up a cushion, and join in!