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Jenny, Kristin and Kelly

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About this course

Jenny Ponzuric and Kristin Makena have joined together to offer resources for Licensed Educational Psychologists (LEPs).  Our purpose is to stretch and EMPOWER LEPs to EXPAND their professional levels using best practices and high ethical standards for students to FLOURISH.

A Licensed Educational Psychologist’s  work can sometimes feel like operating in a silo. As mental health professionals, we are also not always savvy about  the world of business and marketing.

This online class is self-paced, so sign up any time and watch at your own leisure!  This course covers:

  • Scope of Practice as an LEP
  • Legal and Ethical considerations
  • Business Logistics
  • Sample Forms to use in your LEP business
  • Marketing Strategies

This course is only available for purchase through 6/30/2022 and all course content must be completed by 7/30/2022.

***Disclosure: Empower LEP provides Licensed Educational Psychologists with training and resources to support growing businesses.  As outcomes may vary based on a variety of factors and individuals, the company does not make guarantees about business outcomes and/or sales.