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Steven Frampton

My name is Steven Frampton - I am a Predictive Astrologer and Psychic Medium specializing in comprehensive and accurate insight. My work varies from predicting global geopolitical trends and events for organizations to the timing of life changes and developments for individuals. I also conduct extensive metaphysical research and provide retrospective insight in certain cases. Put simply, I profile the past, present, and future. My clients come from all walks of life including the entertainment industry, corporate world, stock market, medical field, psychiatric profession, government agencies and more. Very few people understand how intricate and precise world-class metaphysics can be. My job is to prove it...

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About this course

Many of my clients and friends around the world have asked me to launch a virtual class series so here it is!

Now you can master metaphysics for yourself AND acquire a professional accreditation proving your technical ability to provide extremely accurate insight.

The Master Metaphysician(c) class series is completely virtual and flexible. You can study at any time and go at any pace.

Each four-week series will include the following:

  1. Minimum 4 video classes per module
  2. Minimum 2 hours of homework weekly
  3. Additional materials including video and documentary reviews
  4. Group exercises and case studies

I hope that you can join us on this incredible journey!

This four week series will cost only $197 and can be paid in weekly installments.

I am offering a monthly one-to-one private consultation in addition to the study program. I will read more technically for you, so that you receive the insight you require, while at the same time advancing your studies. 

If you wish to add the the monthly one-to-one private consultation to your class series, I will discount the consultation price from $150 to $100. Please email my office if you would like to add the discounted monthly consultation.

Trust me - You will learn an enormous amount in these classes.

You will understand yourself far better than ever before.

You will rapidly develop the understanding and technical ability to begin profiling your own past, present, and future.

You will make quantum leaps in your ability to manifest what you want in life.

You will also have an enormous amount of fun.

AND you will learn a huge amount about the worlds around you...

Both Master Metaphysician(c) workstreams include the following:

  1. Self-discovery + self-mastery
  2. The ancient mysteries
  3. Intuition development
  4. Predictive astrology
  5. Alchemy (core component of what is commonly referred to as "law of attraction" or "manifestation")
  6. Spirituality and philosophy
  7. Discounts on my other classes and services
  8. The opportunity for us to work together in some capacity in future
  9. Complete flexibility of study scheduling

I hope that you can enjoy me on this incredible journey!


Please feel free to email my office if you have any questions.