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Katherine Sanders

I work with leaders interested in improving the health of their work systems. I have a BS, MS & PhD in Industrial & Systems Engineering, specializing in Human Factors.

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About this course

I'm happy to share my Healthy Work Framework with you.  I hope that you can use it to infuse more health into your own working life.  

My online instructional platform (Ruzuku)  requires you to 'register' for this free class.  

Don't worry - entering your email address with Ruzuku won't put you on my mailing list. (If you'd like to join my mailing list and be notified when new resources go up, scroll to the bottom of my home page and sign up!) 

I decided I want to have my free videos on a real instructional platform, with all of my content, rather than on YouTube.  Sorry for the extra typing I'm requiring of you...  

The benefits of doing it this way are that:

  • You can view the video without interruptions
  • You have access to the handouts & additional resources that go with each video
  • I have some idea of who these conversations are resonating with

These videos are starting points for vital conversations about health-promoting work.  What the 'solutions' look like will vary for each work system and individual, over time.  

If you're interested in going further, consider taking one of my courses:

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