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Amy Torres

Amy Torres is a well-loved spiritual teacher, Gestalt psychotherapist and A Course in Miracles mentor. She is known for illuminating spiritual concepts and helping people practice "Embodied Spirituality." Her intuition has provided impeccable guidance since she was a young child. This, more than anything other way, is how she knows how to guide you into your unique journey of self-discovery.

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About this course


Intuition is difficult to put into words but easy to access once you know how. Your senses are one important entryway. 

This course will cover three essential ways to access your Intuition all the time. You will learn how to:

  • Tune out the voice of your ego.
  • Change the channel from ego to Intuition.
  • Establish a strong, clear signal to your Intuition.

Take off your shoes and experience your Intuition right away!

"Amy, your guidance helped me in three key areas of my life: romance, career, and family. You helped me find the courage to finally put closure to a relationship with an unavailable man. 

You helped me approach dating in a new way and select a great guy who's now my husband. My biological clock was ticking, but we're blessed to have two beautiful kids!  

AND you helped me stick with graduate school when at times I felt so overwhelmed and stressed that I was afraid I would never meet my deadlines and pass my tests. 

Bottom line, you were instrumental in helping me believe in myself, meet a great guy, fulfill my dream of having children, finish graduate school and make a career change.  Thank you!" ~Jenny Brown 

What are you waiting for?  Join me in this unique approach to Intuition, and experience how my guidance helps you tap into your Inner Guidance for the rest of your life.