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About this course

Text To Get The Girl: Proven Tips To Become An Irresistible Texter

18.7 billion texts are sent every day worldwide. And, this insane number doesn't even include messages sent over apps like Facebook and Snapchat. Not only do 81% of all Americans text daily, but 50% say texts are just as meaningful  as face-to-face interactions.

Many of those billions of texts are sent to attractive women from single men. In fact, if you're trying to date a girl, remember that studies show you have competition. Lots of it.  Attractive single women can get hundreds of texts daily from guys just like you.

You can be attractive, funny, charming, smart, and have a good job. But, if your texts are just like everyone else's, she'll never know how great you are. That's why you need this course, to give you a leg up, using scientifically proven tricks and tips to persuade, intrigue, build rapport, and get the responses you're looking for.

Are you sick and tired of:

    - Text conversations that start strong, but fade and die?

    - Matching with girls online, but then they never respond to your opening messages?

    - Having many "texting buddies," but struggling to get them to go out with you?

    - Putting time and effort into your texting conversations only to get little or no attention from her in return?

But, there is good news! You can learn how to text in a way to beat the competition and become irresistible to her. Best of all, you can take her from regular texting to an actual flesh and blood relationship! 

In this fun and informative course,  we give you a "texting tune-up" that walks you through the entire texting process from opening lines to getting her on a date. 

Our system, rooted in the proven science of attraction, will make you a charming, attractive, and seductive texter in no time. Whether you want to "date around," get into a relationship with "the one," or even just hook-up (hey, we're all adults here), this course is for you.   

And, if you don't like the course for any reason, we'll refund your purchase within 90 days. Just give us feedback as to what need you had that the course  didn't meet so we can improve it!

Each module contains an educational video (downloadable too!) and workbook with information, reflection exercises, and action steps to put things into practice.  

Module 1
In this module, you'll learn why texting matters (especially when engaging women). We also explain why you must change your mindset about texting or else you'll never succeed in meeting and dating quality women.

Module 2
Here we cover some of the basic dos...and don'ts... of texting. This lesson alone will revolutionize how you interact with women over text and improve your dating prospects instantly.

Modules 3, 4, and 5
Here we introduce and explain our "Go B.I.G. or Go Home" system to become the ultimate texter.  Using these three principles, you'll be able to text any type of girl in every situation. They will make you an irresistible texter, and get you a real world date!

Module 6
In this module, we get into the fun details about how to compose texts that not only get her attention, but we also share proven tricks to keep her wanting more of your attention. 

Module 7
To attract a woman, in real life or over text, you have to follow a three step process: open, build a connection, and then "close" the deal (by asking for a date, etc.). In this segment, we walk you through this entire process so you can succeed with any woman, even ones you just met. 

Bonus 1
This section is worth the price of the course alone! While the other modules teach you broad principles to be successful over text, this document provides you with specific openers, rapport builders, and closers. You can use these amazing lines and then modify them yourself.  Includes a downloadable pdf.

Bonus 2
Resurrecting a cold text conversation can be tricky. We provide you with some great lines and techniques to resurrect a dead text conversation. Includes a downloadable pdf.  

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