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Matthew Katz

I am a ceramics materials nerd and I hope to share my knowledge and experience with you. I have a BFA and MFA in ceramic art, I also have spent 20 years working in ceramic science. I have taught ceramic science for artists at the New York State College of Ceramics at Alfred University for 15 years. My understanding of how artists work and think and the knowledge of ceramic scientists enables me to teach artists to make the most of their materials.

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About this course

Glazes can be a confusing and intimidating subject for both new ceramics students and professionals. What comes out of the kiln is not the same thing that goes into it, and why we get what we get can often seem to be a perplexing mystery. The world of glazes is full of new terms, technology, processes and heartbreak.

Post-Firing depression is a real problem, as we try our hardest, and yet our outcome often does not match our vision. Our hopes and dreams are dashed by flaws, that mar our beautiful work or just aren't what we had imagined they would be.

Yet, there is absolutely no reason why glazes must remain a mystery. True, glazes are a challenge to master but simple to understand (as long as you have a fantastic teacher). 

A true understanding of how and why your glazes work is what we will give to you.  No matter your experience level, if you have had one session of one class, or decades of experience, Glaze of Our Lives will be your first step on helping your glazes  match your vision.

The workshop itself has two ways you can dive in. One is "The Story of Glazes" where we will take you step by step through the process of understanding glazes. The workshop is composed of 13 hours of content, exploring all you need to know to get you started with understanding glazes. The other is "The Concordance" where the lectures are presented as a index of subjects. So you may watch snippets of the the lectures, that focus on a single subject. making the information from this workshop function as a digital "Book"

What is a glaze?

How temperature works

Firing temperatures

Exploring glaze texture

Reading a formula

Glaze ingredients


Toxicity and durability


Special effect glazes

Layering glazes

Glaze flaws

Glaze chemistry

We've been teaching about ceramic materials online for several years at some of the most presentations colleges, universities and art centers. We are excited to bring this new workshop to everyone of all levels of experience, helping you to make your work meet your vision.

When you purchase this online workshop, you will have access to this content, for as long a Ceramic Materials Workshop exists.