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Charis Lindrooth, D.C.

Hey there! I'm here to help. For over two decades I have assisted people on their healing journey as a natural health care provider. Early in my practice I discovered the world of herbalism and have never left since! Using a large apothecary at my clinic I have helped people address both chronic and acute health conditions, naturally. My love of teaching spurred me to found the MidAtlantic Women's Conference and Allies for Plants and People Symposium, and now to build an online community of people committed to living sustainably on the planet. Since my professional training I have had a dedicated interest in the brain and nervous system. I have spent many hours studying the workings of the brain, memory, cognition, and natural methods for preserving healthy function. It brings me joy to share what I have learned and help my students improve their brain function naturally. and

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About this course

Nobody wants to lose brain function. 

Forgetfulness, foggy thinking, brain fatigue, and mood changes are disconcerting symptoms that many of us experience but seldom know the best options for treatment and prevention. These symptoms can happen to anyone and are often telling us that our brains need more support. Taking a proactive approach to support healthy brain function is the best way to prevent more serious neurological issues as we age. Many proactive measures can be taken naturally, by learning how to self evaluate so you can “feed” the brain for optimal function and eliminate lifestyle factors that undermine brain health. How does one properly self-evaluate?

Keeping Your Brain Brilliant is  specifically designed to guide you through the various components of self evaluation. By the end of the 6-Week Course, you’ll have an intensive, personalized natural brain care program that will boost confidence in your overall health and happiness. All along the way you'll have the benefit of learning with a supportive network of likeminded individuals and  experienced health professionals. 

Each week we will also feature a guest speaker offering their unique perspective on natural brain health. Special guests Tammi Sweet, Robin Rose Bennett, Kathleen Maier, Kerry Smith,  and David Winston will join the discussion to share their wisdom on herbal support for a healthy brain.

Classes will be held live with Dr. Charis Lindrooth, and either live or pre-recorded with the special guests.  All classes will be available to watch as a replay until August, 2018.

Weekly Outline:

  1. EXPLORATION: you will join me for a tour of the brain and learn where pitfalls can arise.
  2. NUTRITION: you will take note of 3 essential nutrients for the brain, why they are important, and how they improve brain function.
  3. STRESS: you will understand how stress affects your brain function, and what you can do about it.
  4. DIGESTION: you will find out how the gut and brain are connected and how addressing hidden digestion issues can improve your mood, cognition and memory.
  5. IMMUNITY: you will learn about “neuroauto-immunity” and how immune function affects brain function.
  6. CHEMICALS: you’ll be able to recognize 4 key chemicals present in healthy brains that influence your mood, function and cognition, and how you can support them.