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I believe in the power of healing, self compassion, personal and systems psychology, spirituality, motivation, and change; I believe in intuition, honesty, imperfection, moving through emotion, getting obstacles out of the way, and crafting a proud, light and joy filled life. I bring all that I can to the process of healing--find out more about me at and listen to my Podcast show, Emotional Badass: Where Moxie Meets Mindful. Many people are suffering behind masks of insincerity and pain--with little understanding of how much better life can be when we step into the light of our lives. Facing ourselves in our fears to create positive change is one of the most courageous thing we can do. When we each step up to do our individual healing, through the butterfly effect, we change the world. I believe in the power of my personal healing and I believe in your power to find what you need to live with fullness, peace, connection, and light.

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About this Course

Intuition is a powerful Self-care tool. 

This Course Workbook is a learning journey designed to open intuitive awareness while strength-training self esteem, worth, compassion, understanding, present moment processing, expectation managment, mind-body balance, communication, personal responsibility, to maximize our ability to grow into trusting intuition as a guide to healthy boundaries and self care. If you are scared to dig deep and heal old wounds, this course is for you, to help you move past fear to find the healing you've always wanted. 

Who's right for this? Any adult healing from a difficult/dysfunctional/chaotic/neglectful/critical/dissapointing childhood who seeks peace.  Highly Sensitive People, Trauma Survivors, Empaths, Introverts, other Healers, Seekers, the Insightful, the Broken-hearted, the People Pleasers, the Pattern Breakers--Intuitive Soul Care will grow internal confidence as you discover how to create the boundaries and self care strategies that work for your personality. 

This course asks students to complete the course once beginning--I teach a style of practical intelligence requiring the full experience. Students are invited to enjoy light reading, writing/journaling, easy meditation centering, insightful videos, watching one full major motion picture on your own (I won't tell til you sign up-and it's hilarious) and insightful process, reflection, and activities. Intuitive understanding of our personal psychology is key for insightful, 'old souls' to understand their human process, and how to self-support for a lifetime of emotional, spiritual, psychological and physical wellness. Your process can be entirely confidential and private or you may choose to share via discussion sections within the course. 

So, What do I get? 

25 page, light-on-the-ink printable Course Workbook and Journal. (OPTIONAL to print) 

92 Actionable Self Care Options to use immediately

14 crafted, insightful lessons and activities to enjoy at your own pace--yes--I work to make our work light, fun, interesting, real, and manageable, even while we dive deep! This is next level therapeutic care, crafted after years of face to face individual work from my therapy chair; using technology to expand the therapeutic experience is an important calling of mine; this is an opportunity to use media and the control of self-paced work to tap into the subconscious--where our deep work takes hold, while being able to re-visit the material until new self care becomes part of who you are, not just something you do. That's deep change that sticks. 

Opportunities to discuss and  grow together or remain completely anonymous throughout the course. 

3 years--to revisit as needed--giving life a chance to cycle through holidays, birthdays, celebrations, anniversaries, and gatherings--come back to the course for 'refreshers' and strength training before life events or to validate how much you've grown. This extended offering honors those of you who move slowly, marinating in new concepts, allowing knowing to unfold. 

Join the course now to have access for 3 full years, 3 cycles of holidays, celebrations, gatherings and course upgrades/revisions based on your feedback. $120 Hope to have your presence--healing ourselves heals a part of the world. Thank you all for your courage! 

Love and Light, Nikki