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Kerstin O'Shields - Nation's Leading Body Language Strategist

With 25 years of training and performing in theater and opera, Kerstin O'Shields has acquired an in-depth knowledge of all levels of communication. On stage, she has used that knowledge to portray a broad variety of roles. When she realized that the same nuanced gestures, postures, and expressions impacted every one of her contacts off stage, she set about developing the type of training she experienced for her stage career and adapting it to the communications of everyday life.

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About this course

Unlock the secrets of Body Language Strategy in Business Leadership and Sales with Kerstin O’Shields, the country's national leading Body Language Strategist! 

Renew your business and revolutionize your life by enhancing your presence, clarifying your performance, and unleashing your power! You will learn how to naturally draw people to you and be able to connect with others on an authentic and compelling level. Become aware of your target audience and what they need for the right experience with you. Embody an Alpha persona and attract your PACK!

This online course will teach you how to improve your nonverbal communication skills. Create a rich arsenal of tools and knowledge around body posture, body gesturing, clarifying physical breath and reactions, and the use of facial expressions. Become aware of your body language to attract more business and increase your bottom line with your powerful new presentation style!