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Jaak Sikk, MA

Lecturer and PhD student of Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre

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About this Course

Beginner Classical Piano - Month 1/12

The first month is a free complete course that provides learners with a package of high quality basic skills for a beginner pianist. Everything is explained in detail and based on proven scientific theories and approved teaching methods. Give it a try to prove it works for you, and get all the basic knowledge for free. Accomplishing the free course enables to continue studies in the follow-up course.

Jaak Sikk’s Beginner Classical Piano is an in-depth one year piano course for people who are serious about learning classical piano and getting individual study help from an accomplished recital pianist and highly experienced piano teacher.

This is a rare opportunity to learn the piano even more professionally and thoroughly than in a music school.

Here are just a few examples of what others are saying about the classical piano course:

I like the thoroughness of the beginning work. Build a sound foundation before learning pieces. Jaak explains everything in great detail. He speaks slowly and shows everything slowly. I like that a lot. I also like that I am in charge of the pace, how soon to start the next lesson, or to see a lesson a second or third time!

I already have recommended this course to others! I looked at many online “learn piano” courses and all of them emphasized learning popular songs as quickly as possible. I don’t want to learn songs, I want to learn classical piano pieces, and go as far as I can towards piano mastery. Jaak Sikk’s course is the only course I could find that will take me where I want to go.

Jack Parsons


Absolutely the best course out there. I will qualify that statement with the fact that I have only completed lesson 4 so far but to date, it is definitely a great course. There are so many details you have covered that I never knew about and I have used a few books and tried several online courses. Your course doesn’t assume anything and covers all the bases. Plus many of your techniques, especially fingering, is something I have yet to see anyone cover in detail as your course. Great job.

This is an outstanding course. It covers absolutely everything you can imagine and more. I have learned so much about reading and writing music than I thought possible and all in the first 4 weeks. Great job Jaak, keep up the outstanding work and am looking forward to learning more.

Dan Williams

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