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Holy Women Icons Project

The Holy Women Icons Project seeks to empower women by telling the stories of revolutionary holy women through art, writing, and special events.

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About this course

In these daily Advent reflections, a Holy Woman Icon offers readers ways of bearing light in the world. Whether it is Mary teaching us to wait for light, Gloria Anzaldua teaching us to bridge the light, Aurora teaching us to invoke the light, or Maya Angelou teaching us to embolden the light, each daily reflection includes an image of the icon, a brief reflection about how she bears light, an intention for the day, questions for contemplation, and a blessing. Reflections are accessed directly on an individual’s computer or mobile device with a daily email reminder. The daily reflections are $40 per person and include a daily Advent reflection emailed directly to you throughout the entire season of Advent. Want to offer this reflection for a group or congregation? Contact us directly for a group discount code.