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Emily Marquis

Emily Marquis is a certified Health and Wellness Coach, Mindfulness Consultant and Yoga Instructor who serves others in supporting them to feel good on their individual path towards well-being.

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About this course

Are you at a crossroads in your career and looking for support in navigating the next steps? This course will spend time building the foundation for clarity in determining what your next step will be by evaluating what your strengths, skills and true aspirations are. I believe in considering your life as a whole, since you spend so much of your time in your profession. You will receive tips, resources and coaching on the following topics:

  • Self-evaluation/discovery
  • Knowing your core values
  • Recognizing and boosting skills & strengths
  • Clearly communicating who you are and where you're going via your resume, cover letter, LinkedIn profile and conversation
  • Job search navigation
  • Keeping confidence up
  • Interview skills
  • Identifying and overcoming challenges (job gaps, lacking skills, etc)
  • Self-care through job search

With this course, you will also receive:

  • One hour individual call/video chat with Coach Emily Marquis
  • 2 resumes reviews by Emily
  • 2 cover letter reviews by Emily
  • Forever access to this course
  • Participation in the course discussion group where you can see others like you going through a similar situation

This is an on-demand course and you will receive all the materials up front and have for the life of the course. You can use the information as you need it. It is recommended that you at least go through the foundation building steps and resume tips prior to the coaching call with Emily.