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Susie Monday

Artist and teacher from Pipe Creek Texas near San Antonio. Mostly work in textiles, large scale collage, AKA art quilts. 210-643-2128

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About this course


Welcome to the online course iPad for Artists. In the next 7 weeks, you'll learn how you can use an iPad as a tool for artmaking.

What you'll learn:

  • Week 1: Use the short cuts and organization tools built into your iPad, to make files, take screen shots, get photos and art imaages in and out of your iPad. (And how this class works, how to interact, etc.)
  • Week 2: Improve your photographs with built in and purchased apps using tips and tricks of photo editing, plus how to use two must-have photo special effects apps.
  • Week 3: Draw, paint and make art journals using your iPad, great skills for travel journals and daily drawings when paper is not an option! Use photos as source material, draw "on top," then lose the photo leaving only your sketch.
  • PAUSE -- Catch up and try a few fun assignments if you have time!
  • Week 5: Make interesting pattern designs with your iPad: kaleidoscope designs, tiled and tesselations, and abstracted photo designs. This week you'll learn also to print on fabric using an inkjet printer
  • Week 6: Take your iPad images, photos, sketches, doodles and designs from the tablet to yardage and/or wrapping paper with an online print-on-demand service. We'll use Spoonflower but the basic process is similar with others.
  • Week 7:  See a step by step example of how I make a textile collage painting, (AKA art quilt) using the iPad as a design tool, for textile print production and more.
  • And much more: best apps, lots of examples, fun interactions and surveys, discussion posts with each lesson, hands-on practice and assignments to share.

Your guide and facilitator is artist and teacher Susie Monday. Susie has been a professional artist and artist entrepreneur for 16 years, after a creative career in exhibit design, creative program and curriculum design, journalism and children's museums. She has been teaching since she was 12 years old and knows how to make learning fun and individualized. You'll not only master processes, apps and iPad projects, you'll learn more about your strong suits and creative thinking skills.