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Lynda Irvine

I am passionate about ensuring every student who comes to me to learn music will receive the most enjoyable and informative introduction and continuing education in music. I have been teaching music in a private studio setting for over 25 years and enjoy finding ways to utilise changing technology to improve my teaching knowledge, business skills and to stay relevant to students needs. The idea for these courses came from helping many student teachers start their own music studio or to study for a Certificate or Associate of Music Teaching. The same questions keep being asked so hopefully this will answer some of your questions and if you would like to ask me something that is not covered here, feel free to ask away. Enjoy.

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About this course

A music teaching mentoring course. With access to me, Lynda, for any questions the course content doesn't answer. Everything you need to realise your dream of opening a music studio that is uniquely yours and a study aid for Certificate Teacher of Music exam candidates. All those questions that Google and Facebook don't seem to be able to answer that are really important to Studio Music Teachers.

Get those ducks in a row and achieve your goals

  • Work out exactly what you want for every facet of your studio
  • Set Long/ Short Term Goals
  • Studio policies and Study paths to make your goals a reality
  • Studio advertising and logo creation
  • Method comparisions
  • Repertoire leveling and programming
  • Suggestions on how to teach first lessons, rhythm, note reading, scales, artistry, technique
  • Recitals
  • Exams
  • Parent/Teacher/Students relationships
  • Creating Independent Learners