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Jaap van Etten

Jaap is a scientist (Biologist) by training who shifted into metaphysics. I study and teach Metaphysical Ecology (Ecology that includes subtle energies, Beings, and worlds). He is an international speaker and workshop facilitator. He has written five books and many articles.He is co-founder of Lemurantis, Metaphysical Ecology, and The Universal Center for Metaphysical Ecology. His websites are,, and

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About this Course

I am sure that you, like me, would like to live in a world in which people love each other and experience joy and happiness. It saddens me to see that this is not what most people experience. Many people experience fear-related emotions that take away love, joy, and happiness.

I want you to experience more love, joy, and happiness in your life. Therefore, I have created a course. I have designed this course that will help to overcome fear at the moment, transform fear-based energies in your system, and help you to ultimately live a life without fear that will allow you to live a life of joy and happiness and allow you to develop and express more of your inherent qualities and gifts.

In the course, you will get a better understanding of what fear-based emotions do to your system. You will learn a technique that will stop being in fear, real or imagined, immediately. You also will learn ways to release stuck fear-based energies in your system. As a consequence, you will feel “lighter,” happier, and more joyful. It opens the door for personal development beyond your current imagination.

We will achieve these goals by providing videos, hand-outs, worksheets, and group calls. The different elements are divided into five steps (lessons) and a Bonus lesson. You will get one lesson each week, although you will be able to follow the course at your speed. Through the provided email, you will always be able to get the support you feel you need.

This program is for everyone you experience any of the fear-based energies, like fear, anxiety, uncertainty, frustration, anger, pretending to be a different person than they are, sadness. Although this sounds like “everyone,” the course is only for those who are serious about making changes. Without a clear choice, you will not complete this course and waste your money.

The Course

The course consists of six lessons with a bonus lesson. While you can do each lesson within an hour, it is important to repeat the meditations and assignment to enable you to go deeper. That is part of the training and programming needed to get optimal results. Therefore, we will send you one lesson per week to give you enough time to work with the material of each lesson.

The Course contains the following Lessons:

Lesson 1 Motivation and Choices

Lesson 2 The main Systems involved in Fear

Lesson 3 Connecting deeper with your Fear

Lesson 4 The Technique

Lesson 5 Fine-tune the Technique and start transforming your Fears

Lesson 6 On your Way to a more Happy and Joyful Life

Bonus     Activate your Frontal Lobes