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Katherine Miller

Katherine Miller is a Certified Holistic Health Coach, Menopause Guide and Master Chef with over 35 years of experience in meditation, yoga, plant based nutrition and culinary arts. Katherine helps women struggling with fatigue, weight gain, cognitive decline, and hormonal imbalance increase their energy and vitality and find balance. Her passion is showing women how to free up their bodies and brains so they can live ambitious, adventurous, and creative lives. Katherine lives in the Berkshire Hills of Massachusetts with her husband, dog, and 10 bantam chickens. She supports her mission to be an inspiring example to others through practicing SelfCare which means lots of time for reflection and doing the things she loves: being in nature, hiking, reading, studying, writing, gardening, traveling, cooking, dancing tango, and playing with her grandsons.

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About this course

Sick of cooking holiday meals you can't eat? 

You can have your pleasure and eat it too with these satisfying gluten, dairy and sugar free dishes. They also look gorgeous on the table. 

The holidays are one of the most stressful times for us, and stress is the biggest disruptor of women's hormones. 

Do you feel responsible for making the holidays perfect for everyone else, while trying to avoid all those holiday foods that make you bloated, irritable and fatigued?

The Healthy Holiday Hacks Course was designed specifically for you:

#1 You get a short, punchy video class for every recipe, making it easy and fun to try new takes on old favorites

#2 I've tested these recipes on hundreds of people and even die-hard traditional meat and potato types love them.  

#3 The detailed recipe manual can be printed out for easy referral.

#4 Best of all, these recipes help you eliminate gluten, dairy, and processed sugar, the worst culprits of hormonal imbalance, bloat and weight gain, while enjoying the pleasure of eating special holiday dishes.

Enjoy! Katherine