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Apryl Jensen

Artist and Sculptor from Draper, UT

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About this course

Join us for this amazing course on sculpting a Santa art doll.  This video course will teach you how to sculpt every aspect of this timeless character.  This eCourse is just over 2 hours long and is broken into 13 shorter segments that you can watch online or download to your own computer.

You will learn:

  • How to Sculpt a Santa Face
  • How to Sculpt Life-Like Hands
  • How to Sculpt Santa Boots
  • How to Use Hand and Body Armatures
  • How to Stuff and Soft-Sculpt the Body
  • How to Apply Hair/Wigging
  • How to Apply a Beard and Moustache
  • How to Assemble Your ArtDoll
  • This course is taught by Jack Johnston from