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Richard and Kimberly Wilson

Corporate trainers, activators & networkers of societal transforming Christians. Executive Directors of Watchmen Arise International, Inc. and authors of "Victorious Prayer Warrior Bootcamp".

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About this Course

Preparing for Battle 2.0: School of Spiritual Warfare - LESSON 2: THE BATTLE AT HAND

PREPARING FOR BATTLE IS GETTING AN UPGRADE!  With the recent merging of their lives in holy matrimony, Richard & Kimberly Wilson are teaming together to bring you PREPARING FOR BATTLE 2.0.

God is releasing strategies to win in the days ahead. He is looking for those who will take the kingdom by force. Whether you feel called to pray for your school, business, church or region, the lessons in this course will equip you to succeed in the battles ahead. You will receive keys to cultivate your personal prayer life. You will learn how to join with others in corporate intercession.

Preparing for Battle is an intensive training course for those God is calling out to seek a hostile take over of the kingdom of darkness. Preparation takes time and sometimes in our hurry to see results we miss this step. May we all take time to revisit the issues of our heart and the call of God on our lives so we can be positioned to advance together in the days ahead!

Whether you are a seasoned intercessor, ministry leader or just getting started in the prayer movement this course is for you. This class will set you on a course of victory. Get ready to be prepared for battle!

LESSON 2: THE BATTLE AT HAND was recorded on November 11, 2017.  Cost: $25.00