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Carmel Schettino

With Problem-Based Learning as her specialization, Carmel obtained a Ph.D. in Math Education while teaching at the secondary level over 25 years. She is passionate about helping teachers grapple with the pedagogical and curricular questions that rise when PBL is brought into the math classroom. Other areas of expertise include gender, discourse, technological implications and PBL's relationship to the Common Core. Carmel has consulted for a number of schools, presented for the NCTM and published articles with respect to Problem-Based Learning in the Secondary Mathematics Classroom. You can follow her on Twitter at @SchettinoPBL.

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About this course

This course is an on-demand course geared towards middle and high school mathematics teachers who want to learn about journal writing in math classes.  There are four main course lessons that range from the reasoning of using journals to how to assess them.  Interaction can occur between participants in this course via the discussion forums with as much or as little time committment as participants desire.