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Katie & Shakti School Staff

Katie Silcox is the New York Times Best-Selling author of the book, Healthy, Happy, Sexy - Ayurveda Wisdom for Modern Women. She is also an internationally-recognized yoga teacher, Ayurvedic practitioner, writer and inspirer of hearts and minds. She is renowned for her depth of study, her ability to present the complexities of yoga’s ancient wisdom in a practical, life-affirming manner, as well as her unique capacity to distill the teachings of yoga with southern-belle humor and grace. Her signature teaching style blends classical yoga, vinyasa-based asana and life-changing Tantric/Ayurvedic philosophy.

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About this Course

Train to become a certified Ayurveda Lifestyle Coach with New York Times celebrated Ayurveda author and yoga expert, Katie Silcox. 

Begins January  2019
A 300-Hour Year-Long Study 

Part of a Larger 600-Hour Program that Includes Level 2

Are You Ready to:

  • Feel really good and teach others to feel the same?
  • Learn the ancient methods for super-charging your own deep physical and spiritual thriving?
  • Deeply connect with the feminine, intuitive methods of medicine and self-care?
  • Double or triple your current income in the healing arts profession?
  • Create a career change? Want to follow your bliss while potentially doubling or supplementing your current income? 
  • Feel like creating a new paradigm and lifestyle career that reduces your stress, increases your income and enables you to actually practice what you preach?
  • Move beyond the Western model of healthcare into true wellness and disease prevention?
  • Take your yoga practice and teaching skills to a deeper level as you become a true holistic teacher?
  • Deepen your knowledge of nutrition, herbs and self-care?
  • Bring deep Ayurvedic wisdom into your current healthcare practice (doctors, nurses, bodyworkers, and other care practitioners)?
  • Connect with a true tribe of colleagues of support and friendship?

If so, this certification platform is for you!

The Program

The Ayurveda Lifestyle Coach Certification Program is a year-long Ayurveda health education platform, and a part of the Shakti School Yogini Apprenticeship 1008-hour Path. It will take place 100% online and is therefore easy to integrate into your life. Classes will be both live and recorded, with the option to view all classes live or at your leisure from an easy-to-manage online classroom. An optional live Graduation Retreat to follow in 2019 (details forthcoming).

The Ayurveda Lifestyle Coach Certification Program is based on the principle that it is possible to up-level your income while sharing your deepest heart’s passion. This program will give you all the basics of Ayurveda, as well as the business principles needed to be an effective transmitter of Ayurveda. How can you teach others to thrive if you yourself are struggling physically, emotionally or financially? This course will not only offer the time-tested support systems for your physical and mental body, but also your financial body. Join us creating a life of less stress, more simplicity, and most importantly, the true fulfillment of helping others do the same. 

Topics Covered

  • The Ayurveda World View and You
  • The 5 Elements Theory
  • The Four Desires of Life and How to Achieve Them
  • The Three Pillars of Ayurvedic Living
  • Svastha - What it means to be established in health
  • Tri-dosha Theory - Understand your and others innate and body/mind type tendencies
  • Tri-guna Theory - Understand your and others innate psychology and tendencies
  • Subdosha - deeper into the doshas
  • Srotas - Ayurvedic channels
  • The Three Subtle Essences - Prana, Tejas and Ojas
  • Dinacharya  - The Daily Routine - How rhythm  can change your life
  • Ayurvedic Nutrition for the Seasons, the Doshas and Imbalances 
  • Yoga and Ayurveda - How we can use the energetics and sequencing asana to heal or harm
  • The Six Tastes - Deeper nutrition
  • Traditional Ayurvedic recipes
  • Cooking Classes and modern Ayurveda-Inspired recipes with guest chef - Mary Silcox
  • Spices, herbs and whether to cleanse or build?
  • Medicinal spices and teas - instruction and recipes that heal
  • The Business of Ayurvedic Lifestyle Coaching - how to ask for what you are worth and increase your income
  • Group dynamics and workshop teaching/building
  • Leadership skills - How to become a force of Ayurveda in your community

Upon Completion of the Program

  • Meet with clients one-on-one in the capacity of Lifestyle Coach (with proof of proper insurance)
  • Be an official Shakti School Ayurveda Lifestyle Coach, including use of brand and logo + membership in an exclusive club of published practitioners
  • Give Ayurveda workshops in your yoga studio and community centers
  • Lead workshops on nutrition, daily routine, seasonal cleansing and rejuvenation, digestive health, meditation, and women’s womb wellness
  • Use Ayurveda wisdom in your current yoga classes, body work practice or other healing modalities
  • Be a part of a supportive community of colleagues


We are limiting the number of students in this course, so sign up early!

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