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About this course

Marlene Hielema, our resident Image Maven, teaches this course using a mix of video and hands-on activities that have you applying what she's teaching. You'll also have opportunity to get feedback from Marlene and others in the course.

By the end of the course, you’ll have the skills to crop, color, and correct your way into amazing photos as well as the eye to separate the great photos from the chaff -- or, even what photos have the potential to be amazing with a little work. 

Here's what we're going to cover in this course:

  1. Power of Photography
    1. Meet our ImageMaven
    2. Why use photos at all?
    3. Finding photography
    4. Finding the RIGHT photo
    5. Exercise: Find 5 photos that you like love
    6. Introducing Picnik
    7. Exercise: Unstructured Play
  2. The Basics
    1. Basic photographic composition
    2. Exercise: See the composition in the world around you
    3. Exercise: Post a picture and discuss its composition.
    4. Basic photo editing
    5. Exercise: Crop, Resize, Go to town!
  3. Kicking it up a notch
    1. Adding text to your photos
    2. Exercise: Add Text to a Photo
    3. Exposure: Brightness and darkness in photos
    4. Exercise: Correct the exposure
    5. Editing colors in your photos
    6. Exercise: Color your world
  4. Getting Creative
    1. Special effects
    2. Exercise: Finding the VaVaVoom!
    3. Exercise: Adding your own VaVaVoom
  5. Wrapping it all up
    1. What we hoped you learned
    2. Further learning
    3. Feedback Survey
    4. Stay in touch with Marlene
    5. Start your own course today!

About the Better Content Series

The Better Content series is a collection of courses designed at helping you improve your content. Each course is led by a guest expert who will help you shovel extra oomph into your content. While the series is focused on helping you improve content for your courses, everything in here can be applied to other forms of content as well.