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Jessica Latham

I believe each of us have stories to share with the world, and the more we can tap into the truest form of ourselves, the more we find acceptance, happiness, and ways to write our hearts through life. Weaving my professional and educational background with personal experience, I humbly guide others to tap into their inner wisdom and help put that to paper. When not writing, you will find me on my yoga mat, pressing my nose into garden blossoms, hiking with my family, splashing along Northern California coasts, moon gazing, and gleefully enjoying this wild ride on Earth. I look forward to writing with you!

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About this Course

In the course — Presence is the Present: Haiku your way through the Holidays — you will find fun and simple tools to capture the magic of the holidays and put those feelings into words. Teaching from the intelligence of the heart, we will cover the basics of haiku and other forms of Japanese poetry. We will then loosen our grip on technique and syllable counting as a way to open ourselves into the essence of writing from a place of intuition over mind. By the end of the course, you will have a collection of one-breath poems to gift yourself or others this holiday season.

December moon

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