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Lisa Honold

Lisa Honold is founder of CELEBRATE YOU®, a global movement that empowers women to celebrate and reinvent themselves. She is a Martha Beck certified life coach, a Positive Discipline parenting coach, a CPA and an entrepreneur, with over 17 years in business. She has helped start-ups and solopreneurs with business strategy, financial planning and reporting for years and co-created 3 wildly successful businesses.

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About this Course

A Completely-Done-For-You Group Coaching Program

Celebrate You™ Facilitator Training is designed for coaches and facilitators who want to lead a vibrant coaching group without the hassle of setting it up. 


Starting a coaching group can be a overwhelming. There are so many questions to answer: How do you know who to invite? What resources to give members? How long it should be? How you should prepare? How much should you charge? And the biggie--what if you do all this work and still no one cares?

I can help! I've cracked the code in creating paid coaching groups that accelerate my clients' learning and I want you to spread the coaching love to your clients. 

Celebrate You™  is a global movement to empower women to celebrate and reinvent themselves. This year-long self-discovery program is designed to help clients design their life on purpose. The group meets monthly for a year and follows a format for celebrating, exploring themselves and creating new solutions through crowd sourcing. It's magical!

Members' growth is supported by Celebrate You™ Workbooks, monthly topics and private sessions with the facilitator. 2018 will be the fourth year for Celebrate You™ and it's bigger and bolder than ever!

Sign up now and you'll be up and running your Celebrate You™ group in January!

Everything you need to lead a successful Celebrate You™ group is included in this Training

  • Four weeks of Training in how to facilitate Celebrate You™ groups (60 minutes LIVE weekly video/teleconference)
  • A full-color 75+ page 2018 Celebrate You™ Workbook (see 2017 Celebrate You™ Workbook: Creating a Life Filled with Intention for example)
  • Exclusive Templates, Checklists and Worksheets for maximum efficiency
  • Access to written content "The Five Steps to Success" on best practices to create a coaching group
  • Monthly Topics
  • My word-for-word Scripts for each month's Topics
  • 1 hour Private Consultation with me to plan your business success
  • On-going Support: 4 Q&A sessions during the year (one per quarter)
  • Marketing logo and graphics for each month
  • Licensing rights to use the 2018 Celebrate You™ Workbook and facilitate Celebrate You™ 2018 groups
  • Personalized Celebrate You™ 2018 Workbooks for your clients with YOUR photo, business and contact information (2 pages custom)
  • Wholesale pricing for 5 or more 2018 Workbooks
  • Private Facebook group for Celebrate You Facilitators to share and brainstorm, with weekly inspiration, updates and member challenges

Training details:

The Live Group Training (all sessions recorded) is a series of 4 live meetings via zoom video. The next training dates are:

Wednesday December 13th at 4pm PST. 

Wednesday December 20th at 4pm PST.

Wednesday December 27th at 4pm PST.

Wednesday January 3rd at 4pm PST.

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You'll have access to the written material starting on the day you register for the class. If you're ready to dive in, click the "Register Now" button and you'll be on the path to easy group coaching right away!

"I truly appreciate the Celebrate You™ Facilitator Training and all that Lisa brings to the her coaching clients. Lisa has remained engaged well beyond the training classes with all of detailed information and graphics that have been provided. In addition, Lisa has challenged me to push myself as a coach to reach beyond my comfort limits, by suggesting I use video to reach my clients, and by helping me see that my time is valuable and worth getting paid for! I have really appreciated the way all her content has been laid out systemically. 

Lisa has challenged us to dig deeper as coaches to see where our value lies. Her coaching has allowed me to realize my own personal potential. As a new coach, working with her has been invaluable. "

DD, Pennsylvania, 2017 Celebrate You™ Facilitator

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