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Laura Wilkinson CLC, CHt.

Laura Wilkinson is a Mind-Body Practitioner and Life Transformation Coach. Laura guides people through the process of transformation, teaching them how to implement life changes and make them stick. Holistic healing is a way of life. It’s about finding harmony in each of the subtle bodies; body, mind and spirit. The Wilkinson Effect was born as an online business of programs and courses to help people build the bridge between where they are to where they want to be. These strategies combine: life coaching, holistic nutrition education and coaching, meditation and hypnotherapy sessions, flower essences and essential oils. Through these processes Laura has been able to re-create her own life by learning how to let go of old patterns and how to create new ones that lead to where she wants to be.

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About this Course

This 12 Month Life Coaching Program is designed to guide you month by month through the year of 2018. In these structured live Life Coaching sessions with Laura Wilkinson CLC, CHt. you will learn how to create a life that you love. You will create a new vision of your life, practice personal goal setting, and learn how to self-evaluate.

Doubt is a dream killer. Laura will teach you how to set yourself up to be prepared for any setbacks that you might face. Not only will she help you be prepared for any self-sabotage, Laura will give you the tools and techniques that allow you to overcome your fears. 

Members of this 12-month program will receive:

1. Live Monthly Life Coaching via video/audio calls with Laura Wilkinson (1 per month)

2. A Facebook Group Community to help you stay encouraged and on track with your goals.

3. E-mail access to Laura Wilkinson for extra clarity.

Monthly audio/video calls will include:

  1.  A two-part live video/audio training to teach techniques/tool that will help you develop an empowered life.

 (Part 1-  Self-assessment, Part 2- Tools For Personal Development) 

          2. Open chat for discussions with your group peers. 

          3. Q & A time with Laura.


Everyone who joins The Wilkinson Effect's Empower My Life Program will also get access to: