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Laura Wilkinson CLC, CHt.

Laura Wilkinson CLC, CHt. is a Mind-Body Practitioner and Life Transformation Coach. Laura guides people through the process of transformation, teaching them how to implement life changes and make them permanent.

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About this Course

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This  Life Coaching Program is for people who are Seekers searching for inner healing, personal development and life balance. 

  • For the Mom/Wife who sometimes loses touch with who she is and gets caught up in her role taking care of her family.
  • For the woman who wants to change her life but doesn't know how to do that and is having difficulty imagining what it could be.
  • For the woman who wants more for her life but doesn't know how to get it.

Not everyone can go for a 3 month hike across the Pacific Crest to find out who they really are and what they are made of. 

You can nurture your mind, body and spirit from the comfort of your own home but for one reason or another you may not be able to adventure out for a 12 month trip across Europe and Asia to seek  the transformation that you need to have on this inner journey of change, re-balance and search for your core identity. 

You need to be aligned within yourself. 

This program is specifically designed to help you gain clarity with who you are and what you want. Beyond creating a vision is the work of inner healing, understanding the process of change and the readiness to show up for yourself.

You will create a deep self-awareness by learning how to integrate the inner work with the outer work so that you can confidently create a life that you truly love.

In these structured monthly group Life Coaching sessions with Laura Wilkinson CLC, CHt. you will create a new vision of your life, practice personal goal setting/achievement, and learn how to self-evaluate so that you can continue to progress in your achievements even beyond the 12 months of this program.

This program is for people who are committed to  changing their life and are willing to overcome their challenges. Not only will Laura help you be prepared for blocks that you subconsciously create as a form of self sabotage, she will teach you the tools and techniques that allow you to overcome your fears. She will teach you how to set yourself up to be prepared for any setbacks that you might face so that you will always be moving toward progress.

What Are The Benefits of Joining? :

  • Live monthly group life coaching to help you assess your needs and create a plan of action.

  • Take a guided journey of self-discovery. (You don't have to figure it out yourself).

  • Learn how to be empowered & make more informed choices for yourself.

  • Align yourself in Mind, Body and Spirit.

  • Create your vision and set your goals.

  • Create a balanced life that feels good and is aligned with what you want your life to be.

  • You are already taking this life journey, now you have the opportunity to have an expert guide you through it. Save time, money and emotional pain by having Laura Wilkinson CLC, Cht., show you how to navigate the path that leads you to discover your Best Self.

  • Gain Private Access & Contribute to Nutrition Boards on Pinterest.

Members of Aligned will receive:

1.  Live Monthly Group Life Coaching via video/audio calls with Laura Wilkinson (1 per month).

2. A  Community  of like-minded people who are on the same journey as you and want to help you stay encouraged and on track with your goals.

3. E-mail access to Laura Wilkinson for extra clarity.

Monthly audio/video calls will include:

  1.  A two-part  video/audio training to teach you the tools and techniques that will help you become an empowered woman.

 Part 1-  Self-assessment (Live group coaching call).

 Part 2- Tools For Personal Development (Individual assignment). 

          2. Open chat for discussions with your group peers. 

          3. Q & A time with Laura.

Including these bonus programs to help you change your life: