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Holy Women Icons Project

The Holy Women Icons Project seeks to empower women by telling the stories of revolutionary holy women through art, writing, and special events.

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About this course

Begin the new year with mindfulness. Drawing inspiration from 7 goddesses across wisdom and cultural traditions, this 7-Day Online Mindfulness Retreat helps restart your mind, body, and heart for the upcoming year. Registrants receive 7 daily email reminders and their online retreat takes about 20-30 minutes, but it can be done at your own pace, and you can always return to a day if you miss it. Each day, retreatants receive an intention, image of a goddess, mindful movement practice, reflection, guided writing exercise, ritual action, and closing blessing.

Oya makes us mindful of transitions. Santa Muerte makes us mindful of loss. Pele makes us mindful of destruction. Tiamat makes us mindful of chaos. Xochiquetzal makes us mindful of new creations. Poli’ahu makes us mindful of beauty. And Guanyin makes us mindful of compassion.

The only supplies retreatants need are an internet connection, computer or mobile device, paper, pen/pencil/markers, candle, and space to move.

This 7-Day Online Retreat is available anytime during the month of January. Start your new year off with seven empowering goddesses who inspire us to be mindful!