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I believe in the power of healing, self compassion, personal and systems psychology, spirituality, motivation, and change; I believe in intuition, honesty, imperfection, moving through emotion, getting obstacles out of the way, and crafting a proud, light and joy filled life. I bring all that I can to the process of healing--find out more about me at and listen to my Podcast show, Emotional Badass: Where Moxie Meets Mindful. Many people are suffering behind masks of insincerity and pain--with little understanding of how much better life can be when we step into the light of our lives. Facing ourselves in our fears to create positive change is one of the most courageous thing we can do. When we each step up to do our individual healing, through the butterfly effect, we change the world. I believe in the power of my personal healing and I believe in your power to find what you need to live with fullness, peace, connection, and light.

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About this course

Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) School Presents


with Nikki Eisenhauer in Houston, Texas 

Friday, April 27         6:30pm-9:30pm
Saturday April 28    10am-5:30pm

$175 / $200 after April 11      PAYMENT PLAN OPTION   @ 3 MONTHS X 75

9 LPC CEU hours 

At Spectrum Center, Houston, TX


Calling all Highly Sensitive People to join me, Life Coach, Psychotherapist, and Yogi, Nikki Eisenhauer, at this very special event. I am excited to share with you what I have learned, personally and professionally, on this path. 

 Are these messages familiar to you? 

  • Toughen up
  • You're too sensitive
  • You're too much
  • You're too difficult
  • What’s wrong with you? 

If so, then you part of the 20% who are highly sensitive. The 80% who are not, want you to believe there is something very wrong with you. You’ve had a lifetime of incorrect messages, judgement, and advice that doesn’t work and isn't right because you are 'wired' differently.  

Let’s explore this. Let’s find the rare gifts, the strength, the joy and happiness inside everyone who is highly sensitive in an often insensitive world.

For many in attendance this may be the 1st time surrounded by other Highly Sensitive People. More than a workshop, this is an experience in healing. What do you think it feels like to be in a room full of people who feel and sense, similarly? We diminish the gifts of our sensitivity by all too often feeling alone and alien. We strengthen individually, and as a group, when we step up and out for each other and hold our heads high in the often-not-sensitive-enough world at large. We know, in our thinking mind, that we are not alone in sensitivity; At this live HSP SCHOOL event we open to the opportunity to FEEL it. 

Together we will explore who we are as individuals and as a group, how to understand and define our personal morals, values, beliefs, and what's 'normal' for the Highly Sensitive Population. I'll use my story of healing and what I've learned from Sensitive clients in the last 12 years of mental health work to clarify what it means to heal, move through and past life's traumas and difficulties with more flow and ease. We will learn how to stop fighting the emotions that can overwhelm and exhaust us to tap into the divine intelligence of those feelings. We will own the desire for peace, and the road we choose to take to get there. We will even touch on the topic of sex and sensitivity, and the possibilities of healing available to us through safe touch and body enjoyment. We will meditate, watch some short videos, and learn how to be more present in our own lives by practicing presence throughout the workshop experience. By the close of our time together, you will come to understand the Superpowers of Sensitivity and Healing. 

So many of us spend much of our lives feeling burdened by sensitivity. I think it's time you felt like the Emotional Badass you really are by stepping fully into your Superpowers. I'm delighted to offer this gathering and show you how! Q & A will be available near the end of our experience for any questions.


The event location is The Spectrum Center 2060 North Loop West, Houston, TX 77018. The location is central; barely outside of the loop between The Heights and Garden Oaks neighborhoods.

By attending the live 9-hour, Friday and Saturday, Houston event, you will gain access to the entire course material online and have access to it for one full year; the online software offers the user the ability to interact with other participants, offer feedback, and ask questions. *NO ACCESS TO COURSE MATERIAL ONLINE UNLESS IN ATTENDANCE AT LIVE WORKSHOP April 2018. Material will open online day of the course. No refunds or exchanges for this event. 

The only requirement is that you identify as a Highly Sensitive Person. 

Here is the course outline, describing what we will cover, what we will explore and learn: