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Roz Stendahl

I am a graphic designer, illustrator, and book artist. I've kept visual and written journals my entire life. For over 30 years I have taught visual arts and bookbinding—sharing what is a key tool in my creative life.

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About this course


(Please note that at the left under the registration button the Ruzuku program lists the class start date as the date the REGISTRATION OPENS. ) 


Registration closes on February 3, 2018 at  8 p.m. CDT.

This class  will be offered again in 2019. Please subscribe to Roz Wound Up to learn about upcoming classes.

What to Expect:

In this class mixed media and journal artist Roz Stendahl will present methods and materials for creating flat background texture for visual journaling and mixed media art. 

This is a great class for artists of all levels who want to build an understanding of the tools and materials needed for this type of mixed media art. 

This techniques-based class will take you through the glazing and wet blending of acrylic products. It provides information to help you understand which products to select. The goal is to help the student understand the materials and then be able to build his or her own process so that experiments are performed with confidence, and so that students can create stunning and repeatable results.

During this six-week class, each Saturday, new videos will become available providing demonstration and instruction on which you'll base your week's experiments. There are over six hours of video in this class.

Each week builds on what you've created the previous week so that you will understand the process of building rich textures. Students are encouraged to allow an hour to ninety minutes on lesson day to watch videos and an additional three hours or so spread out over the week to complete the homework. Because the homework is cumulative if you will be traveling or otherwise unable to devote this time to homework it's best to plan to take this class at another time.

Class is structured so that students can work the essential exercises with a minimum of supplies and tools. Optional supply techniques are explained and demonstrated so that students can decide their own interest in those methods. 

Students have lifetime access to the videos so they can return to review materials at any time.

Roz will be present in class from February 1 through March 10 to answer questions. (You will still be able to ask Roz class related questions after March 10, but there may be a short delay as she will no longer be active in the class.)

There will also be two live webinars during the six week class. During these events you will be able to ask Roz questions, she will discuss topics trending in class, or introduce new material as needed. If you aren't able to attend the live event, don't worry, they will be taped and become part of the classroom resources.

A detailed supply list can be downloaded before registration here. (Please see the Supply heading on that page.)

Note that videos explaining the supplies are available upon registration. Roz recommends you purchase supplies after registering and watching the related videos. You can download a list of supplies at the class listing on this blog page. Simply scroll down to "Textures" class and find the link there.

Wet Paint has put together a discounted essential supplies kit for this class. Click here. (Roz does not receive any financial or other consideration from your purchase of this kit. It was created for your convenience.)