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Mary Derbyshire

I am a movement and fitness coach. My methodology is based on the Alexander Technique teacher. I teach people how to move better. When you move better your balance improves, your agility improves and you feel more confident.

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About this course

Are you in Pain?  Does your back or your neck hurt or both?

Maybe it is HOW you are moving that is the problem.

Perhaps if you changed the WAY that you move the pain would go away.

My name is Mary Derbyshire and I teach the Alexander Technique, a mindfulness-based practice that teaches you how to move better. When you move better,  your pain goes away, you feel better and you can move more! You can learn more about me here.

This course will teach you 5 practices that will teach you how to release unnecessary muscular tension.

The course is interactive so that I can answer any questions that you may have- that means real help.

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"I am loving your mini daily lessons. I learned how to breathe from you yesterday. So helpful during this high-stress season. Such simple technique but so helpful...breathe, breathe..." Kay

"I just watched Mary's course and I know I will use all the tools she taught to de-stress now and always. Mary Derbyshire's warmth and talent make learning these new skills a pleasure. I love hanging out with her and you will too. Please check out her course!" Linda Kroll

I have created a short FREE video course Sitting for Success that gives you some very valuable tips on how to sit better you can check that out here.