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Natasha Marchewka

Broadcast and non-broadcast, I have recorded 10,000+ commercials and voice-over projects and have grown my business exponentially through referrals from happy clients throughout North America and around the globe over the past 12 years. From World Vision, to Electrolux, to the local craft brewery, clients continue to return to my product and service worthy of their most important business projects. I started my voice-over business after a Bachelor’s degree in Radio Television Arts, several years of singing in New York City, and many, MANY jobs paying my dues. I'm a prolific list maker and obsessed with learning about self-marketing (and what to feed a tough crowd!) I have two Tweens, a surrendered Golden from Nova Scotia, and a stray cat from Grand Cayman. My course, Master VO To Do List, helps working voice talent get and keep their ducks in a row.

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About this Course

With an ongoing to-do list, the fast paced demands of a voice-over business, and the illusion of what you "should" do, “Master VO TO DO List” helps you, as a voice talent, wake up with a plan - providing plenty of resources and ideas, while supporting you in creating and sorting out lists and priorities! 

#1 Outcome = a personalized VO TO DO list

Master VO TO DO List helps you know that what you’re doing is the most important and result-producing thing you can do today.

Please contact natasha@natashamarchewka to be added to waiting list for next session. 

Feb 1st course now in session. Next session coming up in May. 

February's Online Course includes emailed lessons and activities, checklists and resources, group discussion, personal attention, and webinars.

"Very helpful in helping me gain some clarity on my business activities. Thank you so much for allowing me to take part, and benefit from your experience and clarity."  Lillian Warkentin, Voice Actor

"This has been SUCH a helpful course!   Your wisdom has been a blessing to us and I'm so thankful we crossed paths.  I will surely recommend this course to anyone who is looking into VO's!!!  THANK YOU!!!!"  Anonymous Voice Actor

"... I like the idea of such a laser-focused course that addresses one area or skill at a time. There are so many other books and courses out there that attempt to teach the full breadth of the business, and end up being confusingly complex or ineffectively watered-down. Yours offers a refreshing simplicity."  Adam Lofbomm, Voice Actor

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