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About this Course

This low-cost, high-value online course covers the subject of Personal Branding

In this course you will gain valuable insight into how you can make desired changes in your life by changing how others perceive of you.

It's easy on you. It only takes one lesson per day for a total of six lessons over six days.

What you learn from this course can change your life for the better.

You may be surprised at how much you have to gain once you begin your own personal branding efforts.


Lesson #1 (Day 1):  You will learn vital insights into branding and how to make it work for you. Start by thinking of branding as marketing of a person or an organization as compared to marketing of products and services.

Lesson #2 (Day 2) :  In this lesson you will gain valuable insight into the FIVE QUESTIONS you need to ask yourself if you wish to achieve a successful rebranding.

Lesson #3 (Day 3):  In this lesson you will gain a crucial awareness: A person must want to change or they might just end up stuck forever as they are right now.

Lesson #4 (Day 4):  Rebranding means changing what you’ve got right now. Start in this lesson by managing your fear of change.

Lesson #5 (Day 5):  You will discover how to move your rebranding out from merely existing in the space between your ears.

Lesson #6 (Day 6):  Final lesson! Evaluate how you are doing in your redefining and rebranding yourself.