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Janine 2016

Janine Bolon

Janine is a published author, speaker, radio show host, scientist, robot enthusiast, homeschooler, adventurer and lover of life. She teaches Physics, Mathematics and Cosmology to anyone who will listen and gives seminars around the country on personal finance, money for mystics, meditation, spirituality, Native American Mysticism and Shamanistic Journeying. Janine loves learning with her students and could never live a life that didn't involve unsolved mysteries. Her passion is simple...she loves teaching, especially if it has to do with the Fibonacci Sequence in Nature!

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About this course

In 2005 I wrote a small little booklet to help a group of students get better with their money. It was a total of 60 pages long. 

The results of this book have shown my students how to get out of debt and save money on their current incomes. 95% of my students managed to change their financial situations for the better within 90 days of this course. The other 5% never did the exercises or didn't keep the cycle of money flowing.

What do you get from this course?

  • The 60/40 principle allows you to take your current income and Drop Your Debt while Saving Money.
  • Your create your own systems for discontinuing spending that doesn't bring you benefit
  • You gain control of your financial situation 
  • By the end of 90 days you have become a habitual saver.
  • You'll know what to do with your money.

What does Janine do during this course?

I will host "LIVE" Office Hours every Friday from (noon-1pm) Mountain Time

You will be given the opportunity every Friday through December 13, 2019 to hop onto our ZOOM meeting and ask questions. I'll also email you before Friday so that you can ask your questions ahead of time, thus receiving a more in depth answer from me.

Normally this level of support would cost you:

  • 37 hours of financial consultation @ $300/ hour = $11,100
  • Online course at a University for Personal Finance = $1,000
  • 38 hours of Q&A from a Money Maven (that's me!) = $18,810

For a total of $30,910

However, I'm offering you this quality content and financial support for only: