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Janine 2016

Janine Bolon

Janine is a published author, speaker, radio show host, scientist, robot enthusiast, homeschooler, adventurer and lover of life. She teaches Physics, Mathematics and Cosmology to anyone who will listen and gives seminars around the country on personal finance, money for mystics, meditation, spirituality, Native American Mysticism and Shamanistic Journeying. Janine loves learning with her students and could never live a life that didn't involve unsolved mysteries. Her passion is simple...she loves teaching, especially if it has to do with the Fibonacci Sequence in Nature!

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About this course

This 4 week course is based on the book and seminar series I taught while an adjunct professor at a local college in 2005. I am now teaching it online to the children of those first high school students who Beta Tested this system 13 years ago. Thank you, folks for allowing me to teach the next generation financial & business principles. It truly is an honor.