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Lisa Boisvert Mackenzie

Lisa is a Waldorf homeschooling, homemaking, heart and hearth tending mother of two who has worked with parents and children for 30 years in many capacities, wearing many caps: as a midwife, Waldorf early childhood educator, parent educator, group facilitator, caregiver and parent. She has trained and served in midwifery, childbirth education, Waldorf early childhood education, HypnoBirthing and Simplicity Parenting. She has served on the board of directors for LifeWays North America and on the WECAN Birth to Three Task Force. Lisa lives with her family in rural Vermont where she gardens and cooks, looks after hens, runs a business, and strives to parent from a place of slow and simple.

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About this Course

When Less is More :: Rhythm Boot Camp


February 1st- March 3rd



~ included with  Celebrate the Rhythm of Life Living Curriculum Guides for February, $49 here

~ no fee for Year Round Members of Celebrate the Rhythm of Life

What past participants have to say about this course:

Lisa’s eCourse on Rhythm helped me see how simple rhythm can be. Her support through the month helped me make positive changes and stick with them. Our family life is calmer and I feel more confident, present (and patient) with my children. This is a super helpful course, thank you Lisa!
There’s so much I want to do with my children now when they are young. Lisa’s Rhythm class helped me clarify what matters most and let go of the rest. The group experience over the course of a month helped me make changes. Our days are not all harmony and rainbows, but they are filled with more reverence and activities that I've been wanting in our days.
I took this course (Rhythm) as a last ditch effort thinking it wouldn’t really help. Surprise ~ surprise, I found myself making small changes through the month. The momentum of the class with a community helped me lots.  Lisa's guidance is gentle and full of wisdom.
I've read Lisa's blog for years and love her ideas and suggestions.  I thought I would be focused on making charts in this class, instead I learned about myself and what I have within to help me shape my family's daily life. It was great. I didn't know much about "inner work" before I took this course. Now I feel like it was the key to really understanding my family's rhythm. This class has something for everyone.




~ frequently asked questions

What do I need for this eCourse?

You need online access.

How much time do I need to spend on line each day?

Daily check in for 5-15 minutes is ideal.

What if I skip a day or several days?

That is fine, just go back at your pace and check in on the days you missed.

Do I need to be available or online at any specific times?

Not at all. If you can check in once a day, for 5-15 minutes, that is plenty.

How long will I have access to this course?

You will have access forever, indefinitely.

Is it all on one site? How easy is it to access?

It is all on a private site that is very easy to access and navigate.

Who sees the comments and discussions?

Only the members of the class. 

Do I have to participate and comment each day?

Participation is voluntary and you are free to speak out or not. I notice that the more class members participate, the better the class is for everyone. The real work is in bringing the daily notes and suggestions into your day and applying them.