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I’m a voice therapist, and I’m dedicated to empowering you to speak with impact. As a music therapist and speech and language therapist, joining the dots between body, mind and voice is my passion, and is key to you speaking with success!

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About this course

Do you... 

hate public speaking? 

find leading meetings challenging?

have difficulty speaking up in conflict situations?

If you've answered yes to any of the above questions then this course is for you!

Still not sure? Watch my video: Is my speak with confidence course for you? 

By doing this course you will:

learn how you can use fear to your advantage when speaking. 

learn how to get your mind, body and voice to work together so that you can speak with impact.

learn about your inner critic, and build a relationship with it so that it's working with you rather than against you.

And so, when you've finished the course, you will find that:

Speaking up doesn't feel so hard

You feel more in control, and not at the mercy of ‘Will I pull it off?'

You don’t feel so stressed about speaking up.

...And all in only 5 days...

But don't rely on my words, check out what other course participants have said.