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Janet Cobb, CFRE

Many small nonprofits begin with great passion for their mission, but could benefit from better understanding business and organizational models, and fundraising techniques. Janet works to empower those she serves to bring their vision to reality. As a practical visionary, Janet Cobb integrates her skills in education, non-profit management, and fundraising, to offer innovative solutions to align money and mission. To be fully prepared to coach nonprofits at each stage of their growth, Janet pursues knowledge in entrepreneurship, business and nonprofit management.

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About this course

Most non-profit organizations know how important sending an acknowledgment letter is after receiving a gift. We dutifully thank donors for the gift, include the date and amount, and proceed to inform the donor of the many great works we perform because of the gifts we receive. Some of us even add the ED’s signature as a personal touch. We thank our donors and move on to the next task. But, to truly engage and retain donors, we need to do so much more!

We need to foster an attitude of gratitude and create a culture of thanks-4-giving! Developing a donor-centric gift acceptance and gift acknowledgment policy is key to creating and fostering the gratitude that will have our donors feeling appreciated and our board members excited about fundraising – which is a win-win for any organization!

Course Objectives: 

  • To understand the importance of gratitude in donor acquisition and retention


  • Who is involved in each step of the Thank You process? The ED, Board President, Director of Development, solicitor?
  • What is your gift acknowledgment policy?
  • When is each donor thanked?
  • Where are donors thanked?
  • Why do we always need to thank donors, isn’t once enough?
  • How are donors thanked? With a receipt notice, a handwritten thank you note, or a phone call? Develop quirky, unexpected, fun ways to surprise donors