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Janet Cobb, CFRE

Many small nonprofits begin with great passion for their mission, but could benefit from better understanding business and organizational models, and fundraising techniques. Janet works to empower those she serves to bring their vision to reality. As a practical visionary, Janet Cobb integrates her skills in education, non-profit management, and fundraising, to offer innovative solutions to align money and mission. To be fully prepared to coach nonprofits at each stage of their growth, Janet pursues knowledge in entrepreneurship, business and nonprofit management.

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About this course

Summary: Creating an institutional Case Statement is critical to any effective, sustainable fundraising efforts, particularly for small-to-medium nonprofit organizations. A comprehensive Case Statement is the backbone upon which all communications and fundraising plans are built. This webinar will provide the nuts and bolts of how to develop a strong Case Statement rooted in principles that drive engagement and support. 

 Course Objectives: 

  • To understand the purpose of a Case Statement as a primary institutional resource for all fundraising efforts. 
  • To understand how to develop each part of a Case Statement so that it is the primary institutional resource for all communications and fundraising efforts. 
  • To understand the content needed to best address donor motivations, barriers to giving, and giving behavior.


  • Get everyone on the same page – prioritization for program development and communications
  • Getting at the WHY?
  • The Art of Persuasion: Pathos, Logos, Ethos, Kairos
  • Using VERB + IMPACT
  • The measure of a year well spent
  • Crafting a Case – particulars for arts orgs, history society – and other not highly emotional work
  • What if beneficiaries need/expect privacy
  • Channels to ‘make the case’