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Erich Hunter Ph.D.-

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About this course

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Romantic: conducive to or characterized by the expression of love.

Nothing is as exciting and elevating as meeting a new person who romantically inspires you.

This course will help you navigate the world of dating & romance so that you bring your best self forward to find true love.

It can also help you to heal a current relationship that isn't going the way you hoped it would at the start.

If you want to find a healthy way to engage in fulfilling romantic relationships, this course is for you.

Topics include:

General Considerations for Dating & Romance with Pendulums

What Kind of Romantic Relationship Do You Want?- You need to know or you may be disappointed.

Attachment Types- Finding the right partner and what to do if you don't.

Sexual Polarity- Keep the sex life in your relationship alive.

Key to a Successful Long Term Relationship- What you can do to keep a relationship exciting and fulfilling over time.

Codependency- How to avoid this relationship nightmare and steps to take to heal it.

Stages in a Finding an Ideal Romantic Relationship & Pendulum Healing Work

Stage 1.  You Are a Single Person.

Stage 2.  You Go on Dates.

Stage 3. You Start to Date Particular People More Than Once.

Stage 4. . One Person Really Catches Your Interest and Becomes Your Steady Boyfriend/Girlfriend.

Stage 5. Over Time This Person Becomes a Long Term Partner and/or You Get Married.

Perspectives on Happiness from People in Relationship

Next Steps on Your Journey

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If you want to want to have a healthy romantic relationship this course will be of great benefit to you.

Even if you are already in a relationship this course can be of great benefit to making your existing relationship more alive and satisfying.

The course is filled with practical information, scientific research on relationships, and first person stories that will allow you to begin the process of self-healing while also guiding you as you navigate the sometimes challenging world of dating & romantic relationships.

*Please note that this course is appropriate for people of any gender identity, and/or sexual orientation. Any heteronormative wording is for the ease of illustrating concepts only, and a heteronormative bias is not implied.