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Janet Cobb, CFRE

Many small nonprofits begin with great passion for their mission, but could benefit from better understanding business and organizational models, and fundraising techniques. Janet works to empower those she serves to bring their vision to reality. As a practical visionary, Janet Cobb integrates her skills in education, non-profit management, and fundraising, to offer innovative solutions to align money and mission. To be fully prepared to coach nonprofits at each stage of their growth, Janet pursues knowledge in entrepreneurship, business and nonprofit management.

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About this course

Obtaining 501c3 status is just one step in gaining the trust of potential donors to your organization. Given recent stories of small and large nonprofits mismanaging and misusing funds, and the more critical eye of many budding and seasoned philanthropists, the more transparent an organization can be, the better. A Case for Transparency presents the why, what, and how a nonprofit organization, regardless of size and scope, can develop a culture of transparency through recommended document preparation and dissemination. 

Course Objectives: 

  • To understand the definition and purpose of organizational transparency.
  • To understand the relationship between transparency and fundraising efforts. 
  • To understand available resources for developing different aspects of transparency. 


  • What exactly is transparency?
  • Why is transparency essential for organizational development and fundraising?
  • Do the charity watchdog ratings and badges matter?
  • Isn’t the Form 990 enough?
  • How can an organization develop a culture of transparency to move further engage donors?