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Janet Cobb, CFRE

Many small nonprofits begin with great passion for their mission, but could benefit from better understanding business and organizational models, and fundraising techniques. Janet works to empower those she serves to bring their vision to reality. As a practical visionary, Janet Cobb integrates her skills in education, non-profit management, and fundraising, to offer innovative solutions to align money and mission. To be fully prepared to coach nonprofits at each stage of their growth, Janet pursues knowledge in entrepreneurship, business and nonprofit management.

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About this course

Do Board members and staff alike dread your Board Meetings? Do you spend hours printing, collating, and distributing reports and documents before the meeting, only to review them piece by piece at the meeting? 

Effective board meetings can boost morale, improve Board member engagement and retention, and increase members’ engagement in fundraising. If your meetings can best be described as following Robert’s Rules of Reporting, this webinar is for you.

Course Objectives: 

  • To understand the elements of Board meetings that keep members engaged and excited about their role in the organization. 
  • To understand the effectiveness of integrating consent agendas and RACI charts. 
  • To understand the benefits of diversity and inclusion on the Board.


  • Understanding the Board Meeting cycle.
  • Four critical elements of effective board meetings.
  • Rethinking the goals, objectives, and agendas of an effective Board meeting.
  • The impact of effective Board meetings on fundraising.