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Della Ratcliffe

Celebrating women’s wisdom and spirituality as a Hedgewitch, Bean Gealach, shamanic practitioner, writer, teacher, mentor, coach, artist, healer, advanced PSYCH-K® and certified Moon Mná Women's Celtic Circle Facilitator and, yes, a Badass Crone! I travel with you on this journey, holding the light for you.

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About this Course

Join us on February 15th in a virtual Circle to receive Brighid’s Fire Blessing, to bring the passion and creativity of Brighid and springtime into your life. 

In our first virtual Circle of the year, we will start with a guided meditation to Brighid’s Forge to inspire your creativity as we move into Spring. In the meditation, you will connect and attune to your Inner Cauldrons, ignite your Inner Fires, and receive a Spirit gift from Brighid.  We then complete the journey with a beautiful rite, which I received from my Moon Mná mentor several years ago and which I now share with you: Brighid's Fire Blessing.

Ignite the Fire in your belly, the Passion in your heart, and the Creativity in your spirit.