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Kelli May-Krenz

I believe in creating everyday. For me creating is like breathing, I simply must do it. I have so many interests when it comes to creating. I love painting, stitching, graphic design, illustration and everything I can possible make in my studio. I spend my days dreaming up things that make me happy hoping that by sharing others will fill their happy up too! I like using materials that are found in nature and around our spaces. I am a huge believer in finding joy in creating with very little. I treasure my life, knowing every single day I am lucky to be here.

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About this course

Creating Your Own Spirit Wand  -  with me! 

I have always loved creating with things found in nature. On my walks. I grew up by the Mississippi River and have forever loved driftwood. 

I was looking at making mindful art pieces last year and started collecting lots of driftwood. Then it came to me that I could combine my love for textiles, beads, vintage findings, sacred rituals together. Since, this flash of my idea I have created well over 100 spirit wands and sold them all last year. 

I wanted to offer this first online class of mine to help others find calm, peaceful energies and add sentimental healing to their art. This class will get you looking at nature and materials around you with new eyes. Everything you are drawn to can be added to your spirit wands making it much more special. 

I will guide you through each step. Teaching you ways to find crystals that have meaning to you, searching through oracle cards finding your animal spirit (then collecting charms to add to your wand of that animal spirit). I will teach you the many ways I stitch. What threads work for different styles and textures. 

Everything I have learned from my years of stitching, making, collecting and bringing these loves together - I will be sharing with you!

This is a wonderful class that will really start you mindfully paying attention to what makes you YOU!!! It is not hard, you do not have to be a professional stitcher, everything I will teach you will set you on your way of being completely hooked and making lots of spirit wands. I promise.

Thanks so much for joining me! I am thrilled to share all of this with you!!! I have lots of little tucked in goodies along the way!!! Three cheers!!!