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Kelly Carlin

Kelly is known for delving into deep topics with humor and grace. She's has over ten years experience teaching and leading workshops. She received her Masters in Counseling Psychology (with emphasis in Jungian Psychology) from Pacifica Graduate Institute, her CPCC from Coaches Training Institute, and has been a Zen Buddhist practitioner for 20 years. She is also an acclaimed author, performer, podcaster and SiriusXM radio show host.

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About this Course

So what is this stuff I’m up to? 

I like to describe it as…going to church without the funny hats, magical thinking or dogma, with a few “fucks” thrown in. 

Basically it’s some sacred time for our souls without taking ourselves too seriously.

Join me, and a growing community of seekers/rabble rousers, for 10 live (and lively!) weekly webinars where you will UNPLUG from your daily life and DEEP DIVE into who you truly are & what you really want.

 It's like a 90 minute Vision Quest for the week ahead.

Each session starts with a mindfulness meditation, and then we roll up our sleeves to create the week, life and world we want to live in.  We explore our thoughts, behaviors and habits through lecture,  journal prompts, lively discussions, imaginal exercises, and even some live coaching.

You will learn to...

Hit the PAUSE button on your life

Reclaim your PEACE of mind in these chaotic times

Remember to SLOW down

Find BALANCE in this technology-driven 24/7 world

Gain CLARITY & discover who YOU really are

Connect with other curious & free-thinking seekers of SELF-AWARENESS

Be in CHOICE in your daily life

What people have said about these webinars...

“I loved these webinars. Kelly is a wonderful facilitator. Very nurturing. I love her laughter, and I love her tears. And I so love the community!” – Cathy Ladman, Comedian/Writer/Actor

"This is a course in radical acceptance. But it isn't a begrudging acceptance- more of a "let's be brave and curious together" acceptance. Kelly has a wonderful down-to-earth quality and her course moves easily from the spiritual to the profane (punctuated by her full-throttle laugh.) I found myself being more conscious around my electronic devices. I started turning off the ringer on my phone while I am working, and taking breaks from both news and social media. Instant relief. To be honest, I could take the exact same course over again and would, happily." - Claudia Parducci, Visual Artist

“What I loved was a space to take the time to breathe and be quiet and rejuvenate. The challenging [journal] prompts. I learned to be ok with being quiet. And, I feel more comfortable speaking my truth.” - Ellen November, Textile Artist

“Consider this an essential part of you breaking apart the calcified part of your brain. Letting Kelly IN to your brain demands that you chip away at what is stopping you!” - Carol Baumgartel, Ceramic Artist

The LIVE webinars are each 90 minutes long and will be at 10AM PDT/1PM EDT:

#1       Sun. April 1st, 2018

#2        Sun. April 8th, 2018

#3        Sun. April 15th, 2018

#4        Sun. April 22nd, 2018

#5        Sun. April 29th, 2018

#6        Sun. May 6th, 2018

#7        Sun.May 20th, 2018

#8        Sun. May 27th, 2018

#9        Sun. June 3rd, 2018

#10     Sun. June 10th, 2018

All webinars will all be recorded and available 24 hours afterwards. 

Attending the LIVE webinars is NOT a requirement. You will still receive great benefits from just listening to the recordings.

Total cost: $99  - paid in three monthly payments of $33