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Jan Blencowe

Hello I'm Jan, Nature inspires me, grounds me and teaches me many wise lessons. Creative practices like sketching in nature and art journaling deepen and expand my relationship with the natural world. I've been a visual artist for more than 30 years, I'm a Creative Depth Coach certified through JourneyPath Institute and a licensed JourneyCircles™ facilitator. I love quiet and contemplation, poetry and prayer. I live in beautiful Connecticut with my husband and Shetland Sheepdogs, Molly and Quinn, (the kids without fur are all grown now).

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About this Course

Setting Stones is a journey of creative intention. Perfect if you are new to creative depth work, soul work, mixed media art and using art as process.

You'll gain insight into how to make space and time in your life for making art, and the importance of embracing your own unique creativity.

Easy art making techniques and supplies are demonstrated and explained so you won't feel lost and you'll know exactly how to begin.

You'll explore the meanings and symbolism of stones and how this essential element of nature can provide practical wisdom you can apply to your life right now.

As you enter into the creative process you'll be guided through a series of art invitations, themes and questions to help you discover meaning and deeper self knowledge. 

Welcome to the journey!