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Master VO To-Do List Course Creator, Natasha Marchewka

Broadcast and non-broadcast, I have recorded 12,000+ commercials and voice-over projects over the past 13 years including Adventures by Disney, ZipRecruiter, and The American Lung Association. With a Bachelor’s degree in Radio Television Arts, several years of singing jazz in New York City, and many, MANY jobs paying my dues, I started my voice-over business as an eager entrepreneur. I'm a prolific list maker which has helped me move my business and family to three different countries. My course, Master VO To-Do List, helps working voice talent get their business on track.

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About this course

Create a VO To-Do List to Optimize Productivity!

Marketing, marketing, marketing... so much to do!! Do you enjoy list making, but realize that the voice-over industry requires so many “to-do’s” that it’s a challenge to wrap your head around all that needs to get done? Would you love an exhaustive marketing list, so you can pick and choose what you need to do?

What’s possible is that you can actually take some things off your plate because you are already good in that area, look at what needs doing, and work on those tasks, goals, plans that need your attention. 

I want to help you...

  •  feel confident about where you are in your business and what you are doing already. 
  • And, know that you are spending each day in productive pursuit of maintaining and growing your ultimate voice over business.

"Create an Exhaustive VO To-Do List to Optimize Productivity" is a three-week online marketing course. It is for working (or trained) voice talent at all stages in their business.

What will you learn?

I'll cover three key steps to help you feel a sense of freedom and purpose, direction, and enthusiasm for your business.

Step 1: Sort out where you stand in your business.

Assess where you stand as a freelance voice talent, look at potential goals, and check in on what you have and what you need.

Step 2: Look at all that needs to be addressed in our industry and for our businesses...

...and get to work updating your promotional content and marketing plans.

Step 3: Create an exhaustive, but refined and prioritized list of what you need to do to market yourself effectively!

Create a prioritized plan that will keep you on track to achieving your goals.

Get your questions answered...  

>>You'll have *lifetime access to a private forum where you can share ideas, ask questions and request feedback about your classes with your peers and with me, Natasha Marchewka. 

>>In addition to the course platform, you will be invited to my Secret Facebook Page for ongoing support, long after the course has ended.

Why Me?

Working as a freelancer, at home, as effectively as possible to both avoid distraction and stay on top of my game, so I can grow my business, is what I do every day.

I’ve built my voice-over business while juggling three moves across the continent and this was with small kids in tow. I’ve had to work smarter to be as effective a business owner and marketer, as possible.

Under challenging circumstances, I have created a freelance business for myself that I love. And, my big-picture brain insists on looking at all the elements it takes to move forward.

After several iterations of my Master VO To-Do List courses, I’ve had working voice talent inspired and productively moving forward in the demanding freelance industry of voice acting.  Helping you find organizational flow, marketing effectiveness, and high productivity is part of my mission. I’m thrilled to continue to build a community of effective freelancers. 

"I would recommend this course to every VO actor I know. I loved this course! Now I need to put it into practice." - Elise Napier, Voice Actor

“Your insight and wisdom have given me the kind of business sensibility that not only builds confidence but boosts productivity. The "To-Do" lists I've curated using your course are more like "Love-To-Do" lists! Thank you, thank you and I repeat, thank you.” - Nicole Britton, Voice Actor

...a note of appreciation for your amazing Master VO To-Do List course! I had no idea it would be as comprehensive and helpful as it is. Your encouragement and careful management make it all the more valuable. Thank you SO much!! I've recommended it to my VO meet-up group, and to my VO friends in general. It's a one-stop-shop for anyone serious about voice acting. You've got a keeper here!” - Elizabeth Holmes, Voice Actor

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